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Empowering our customers

Viato is made up of a group of likeminded people of diverse backgrounds that have all experienced challenges in getting the right advice in today's crowded market places. So having been through the mill a few times trying to launch prodcuts of their own, they decided it is time for a new service that helps people get the advice they need based upon their specifc needs and advising what options there are to get your product to market.

So we have pooled our connections, experise and acumen to advise companies of all sizes to make a success of their product launches, marketing and aftercare. We realise from our experiecne that it is all about getting the right advice.

If you need more info you can use our contact form or call us on 0844 358 2662

Who We Are

Our experiences make us who we are, collectively we are business people, business analysts, web experts and customer relationship experts that have all come together with a whopping collective 125 years experience in providing consumer services through our personal knowledge, the collective data from our customer feedback and from the companies we refer our clients to.

We don't have a call centre in some far off distant land, we are all here on hand to refer you to the correct solution. So if you need a fiancial review we have over 500 contacts across the UK that are sure to have the product or service you need, whether it be a pension review, a mortgage or an investment plan they are there to help and we will connect you to them, for FREE.


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